Friday, March 24, 2006

And Now It's Just Another Sunday

Boca Raton has spoiled Easter for me. I know, I know that I am Jewish, and you are wondering WTF I am talking about; however, I (and Uncle Jack I know for a fact) love the day. Because there is absolutely nothing as thrilling as going shopping the day after with Jake and buying Easter Candy at 50 to 70 percent off.

It's a ritual, and as mandatory as visiting the Container Store the 26th of December to get their ridiculously-priced Christmas wrappings at the less-ridiculously half-price. Jake and I started this tradition together in Miami when he was about three, and it's always been fun for him to pick out all the candy his little hands could carry. (He, not being a sweet-a-holic, never eats much of it; the joy is in the procurement.) So, you can imagine the process: after Easter, Jake and I eagerly hit the Walgreens near our house. The Seasonal aisle is empty; Miami is so strongly Catholic. We leisurely pick the treasured Reese's; malt Robin's Eggs; chocolate bunnies with bonnets; Russel Stover's marshmallow eggs. Deliciously fun, and some pieces are discounted so much you feel you are stealing.

But after last year's move to Boca Raton, it isn't the same. Apparently Jake's and my Jesus-has-risen sojourn is no secret only to us and my uncle in Boston. Here, it appears to be the favorite sometime-in-April Monday excursion for every little old Jewish lady. We were so very disappointed. Last year's trip found us three people deep in the candy aisle. There were no name brand chocolates left. There were no Reese's to be had for those who had not risen with the sun. We left, dejected, clutching only some magenta Peep's.

I gave up the tradition. And this year, I decided to go full price and make Jake a "First Day of Spring" Bowl of Goodies (some eaten, it was not this flimsy upon presentation).

(And yes, that is a statue of the Maccabee's next to the Spring Bowl, I just noticed.)

Full-price dollars for chocolate do not go very far.

And Jake was unimpressed. He said it was too Easter Basket-y, it made him feel funny, like the next step was this. Clearly, unless a move to anywhere along the Bible Belt is to be had, Olivia will never know what she missed.


Jack said...

You gave Jake an Easter bastket? Oy, vey! You gave Jake an Easter basket! Even he noticed.

I must say, I didn't recognize your description of stores on Easter. I went in a Walgreens once shortly before noon and came up with the sticky sweet eggs and marshmallow chickens. Before 9 or 10 should still get you hollow chocolate bunnies, maybe. Yankee frugality is well-known. Maybe it's the Christians, up early before church. But it does seem to be elderly women, the most traditional of the frugal yankees.

Walter said...

I especially liked the line, "We left, dejected, clutching only some magenta Peeps." That's funny!

The link to the Honey Baked Ham website was clever.

By the way, speaking as a Christian, any poking of fun at Easter candy, Easter eggs, Easter bonnets, and especially the Easter Bunny is encouraged.

This story reminded me that life can be cruel. For example:
I finally own a cherry tree............. and can no longer eat cherry pie in the quantity that I used to dream of. And now that I know the inexpensive bounty available to me at the Walgreen's, I am on a diet and have to watch my hypoglycemia.


Uncle Walter