Saturday, April 01, 2006


This year's calendar fleeces me of a splendid opportunity to play a practical joke on my students because April Fools! falls on a Sunday.

Our class has a routine. Every day I post the night’s homework on the chalkboard for the students to copy in their agenda books, but on April Fools! I put some extra stuff up there............not enough to make it obvious, but enough to cause consternation. I play it straight for quite awhile, then yell, "APRIL FOOLS!"

DURN! I'll miss that!

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Laura said...

I always had teachers that took the joke the other way; "No homework!" they would declare, hands in the air. After everyone was all excited, they would yank the rug. "April Fools!" Hee, hee, oh, ho ho ho, hee. Funny stuff.

Your version is way better.