Friday, April 07, 2006

Strike What I Just Said, I Haven't Slept

Olivia, or The-Child-Formerly-Known-as-Mellow, has turned into Satan is cutting teeth.

And of course it is on a weekend when we are staying with friends at their second home on the west coast of Florida. Additional pressure is that this soon-to-be-ex-friend dear woman has volunteered to be the first to keep Olivia (along with Jake) for the weekend in late May, so we can attend Eric's cousin Tony's 40th Birthday Bash an important business function. It was a perfect idea, like when you schedule a dinner party to make you clean the house. For that gave me a deadline to get Olivia OFF THE FUCKING BREAST gently weaned and sleeping through the night.

This is my punishment the way it goes after you tempt the fates like I did the other day and say how great you feel being an unemployed, broke a satisfied SAHM.

I must run; Beelzebub my darling Olivia is calling.


Walter said...

Clever writing. I will not ask permission to use your "strike through" style. I'll just steal it for later use, maybe a little at the time until I master it like you have.

This is clever, funny stuff.

tracy said...

I cracked up at this one. I am just wondering was Olivia's head spinning around like in the Exorcist as you wrote this?