Monday, May 08, 2006

Boy, Is He Funny

My birthday present arrived early, and I have been so busy monkeying with it that already I have gone through two battery charges. I am getting the sense that my family is less than enthusiastic about my newly redefined job title: photojournalist/grilled cheese sandwich maker. Jake and I were together a few nights ago, and as I was snapping away and he was sighing, putting hand in front of face, I apologized to him.

"Jake, I know I've been annoying since I got the camera."

He looked me straight in the face. "Mom, that is not something that happened after getting the camera."

I'm sooooo glad I can give him the Big Laughs,

because now I can catch 'em and keep 'em.

1 comment:

tracy said...

I am sure he meant that comment in the nicest way! I mean annoying can be good at times. Like the photo taking for instance, I love this shot of Jake.