Friday, May 12, 2006

It's On Film, So I Know It's True

Did you guys notice any strange phenomenons today, at around 1:00 pm eastern standard? I'm telling you, there is something really wrong with the universe, like a wormhole collapsed on itself or something.

Because when Jake (who is off school today) said, "Mom, I am so bored" for the umpteenth time and I answered "well, go find something to do", I found him a few minutes later doing this:

But you probably noticed that whatever aberration you felt was short-lived, because within two minutes Jake had abandoned the popcorn kernal removal and was chasing Simon with the vacuum cleaner. And I was back to my much-practiced maternal role of yelling about somebody needing to make better decisions.


Walter said...

A powerful piece of writing!

The opening paragraph set me up perfectly. I was unconscious at 1:00 pm Eastern Standard time due to some medication I had taken while staying home from work. This is highly unusual for me.

Then the photo hit me. Frightening! Eerie!

Then the final paragraph relieved me greatly. The wormhole had crawled back into its groundhole. All is right with the universe again.

But I still wonder.......what else happened while I was unconscious?

Laura said...

Wait, dude, you take medicine and then stay home? Wow, I thought teachers had to do it the other way.

Jack said...

Hahahaha. Good comment, Laura.

Anyway, now that is bored. Maybe he was after coins to go to the store.

tracy said...

I bet Simon just loved his new hairdo! Just think, in 2 weeks he can do this all summer. YIKES!!!! School is almost out, what is a mother to do??