Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I’m an elementary school teacher on summer vacation and doing what school teachers do over the summer. Just a minute. I need to refresh my margarita.

Ok. Now, as I was saying, I have some interesting events that happened with kids years ago that I could tell about. Just a minute. There’s not enough salt on this glass.

That’s better. I can’t stand it when there’s not enough salt on my margarita. You take a sip and there’s no salt! And another thing. I can’t stand this glass. It’s really just a plastic tumbler. Of course, it holds a lot, but it doesn’t have that look, that South of the Border festive margarita look that’s almost a champagne glass in appearance. That’s what I need…….uno de los vasos grandes para margaritas. But this plastic tumbler will have to do. Actually, it’s one of those Big Gulp cups that I got down at the Corner Store gas station. I like those 64 oz. ones, except if they’re filled with diet Coke, your bladder really gets worked overtime, and you have to pull over and use all sorts of public restrooms in varying degrees of cleanliness, and then you get hyper and start quivering and everybody thinks your happy and excited to be alive, but all you really want to do is get to the restroom again. But I digress.

I have some old blog ideas. But first, I’d like to express how tough summer vacation is on male teachers. You see, if you’re married, you still have a boss, a foreman, a principal if you will, a supervisor, someone to answer to, and the work continues. But I did get my back back in place. Rememer all the work I did getting my classroom ready for the summer/ Dr. Wu gave me an acupuncture treatment yesterday to relax the muscles, and then today he put me in the “Adjustment Room.” I love the “Adjustment Room.” He contorts my body, then tells me, “Mr. Aw, you need to rerax. Rerax and breafe out. Rook ray ova you shoudah. Dats good. Now rerax.” Suddenly, without warning, he snaps my body into a new and special shape, an interesting krackle sound comes from the spinel column, and I feel imediately better. So I driive home, am sitting straigt up at the computer, and blogging blah blah because of that big Gulp I purchased as a celebrationato on the way home. But I digress.

Anyway, I need more satl on this margarina because I run out before the teqeela and the Tripel Sec is gone, so just a menuto.

Ok, I’m back. And I guess thats it fer now. I’ll blog later many of the fascinating ing things that have hapenned with kids bbefor Laura and meacytualluy starred the bloggging site actually opened. And I promise to not to be inffected by 64 ounces of caffeine and this Biggulp margarina.

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Laura said...

Oh my God, I was wrong. Our summmers aren't allll thta dffrent atferrrr alllllll.

I rannout uv satl toooo.