Monday, May 15, 2006

Since Donna's Watching My Kids Next Weekend, Clearly I Don't Know How to Space Out the Favors

Right now I wish I had gone to art school. Because only then could I draw for you a clear picture of exactly how it looked around my house on Saturday, as I lay on the couch and Donna and her husband, with Eric's assistance, installed draperies on two 108-inch sliding doors.

Thank God I have such amazing friends; life is only tolerable when fully armed with a comfortable, reliable posse. And I would do anything for them as well, as I hope they know. Four grueling hours later (that includes some breaks and problem-solving debates in between), we had windows that absolutely make the room. Note their handiwork below:

I am not quite as lazy as I sound; I didn't feel well (common occurance lately since the hospital stay for some unknown reason). Even so, I appreciate that they are still willing to be called my great friends, as I have a feeling I reminded them a little of this.


tracy said...

I bet you have not properly
"milked" the hospital stay. I just need to know, did they feed you grapes while you were on the couch directing the work?

Laura said...

Yes, but getting that carriage thing I ride around on through the front door was a bitch.