Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kyle's Emails

I am willing to invest some of my time during the summer working with my students on their writing, so I gave my email address to all my students and encouraged them to correspond by email. I have four students that are regularly sending me emails. One of them is Kyle. Kyle is very quiet and serious in class, but he can get get rambunctious during parties and recess.

Here is one of Kyle's emails to me:

"Hello mr. R. how are you? I am fine. Here is a picture of my little brother.

Write me back.

I didn't expect soliloquies on summer heat, essays on missed friendships, or fictional accounts of adventures at the swimming pool, but I never expected this from Kyle.

I think I will email him back and see if I can get him involved in captioning. What would this baby be saying?

"Give me the remote control to the television. I am the Remote Master!!"


"Help! Pull my finger out of the electrical socket!"


"Bring me Kyle! I must speak to him NOW!"

1 comment:

Laura said...

I looooove your captions.

Uh, does Kyle really look like that????