Friday, June 02, 2006


I am officially “looping” with my class. That means that I taught them fourth grade and will take the exact same class/students through fifth grade next year and teach them again. Then I go back to fourth grade, thus the term “looping.”

I enjoy looping because the class gets off to an immediate academic start because procedures and expectations are already in place, I am already familiar with the students and their behaviors, the kids are already friends, the curriculum is new and different, I will be teaching a different age and grade level, and I like this group of kids.

Because of looping, the last day of school was not as emotional. There were no kids that were glad to be rid of me, but only because they are not rid of me…………....…...yet. Kids that were sad to say goodbye and might cry, didn’t cry, because I'll be their teacher again in August when school rears its ugly head again. Except Kara. She cried a little.

One more year of me……………….that’ll toughen you up.

Because it’s summer time and my daily interactions with kids has mostly disappeared, I will be writing blogs based on past experiences. Have a great summer, Moms!

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tracy said...

My daily interaction with my kids has just increased 10 fold. School's out for summer, but my kids have insisted that we have school at home over the summer with me as their teacher. Today we put together a daily schedule. I was pushing for plenty of time outside with lots of field trips and they are pushing for creative time, math and reading. Then I threw in vocabulary, spelling and Spanish. (I must be nuts!) Since we start tomorrow with a healthy breakfast around 8am I better get to sleep rather than continuing my search on Amazon for good workbooks! They stayed up an hour later than usual playing Monopoly with me-what a great game for practicing skills-adding the dice, counting the money is perfect for my 7 year old. My 10 year old is buying real estate like Donald Trump in his hey day and she is beating the pants off of me!! We had great fun today, but we have 10 weeks of this bliss...I will keep you posted.