Friday, June 23, 2006

Melissa Says the Darndest Things Part II

Melissa is one of my piano students and a remarkably clever girl. I have written about her before because she says the darndest things. Yesterday was her piano lesson and she was verbally "on a roll."

I had an itch in my ear so I stuck my mechanical pencil in my ear while she was watching. I could tell by the expression on her face that she was repulsed, so I pulled the pencil out of my ear, apologized, and without thinking, stuck my finger in my ear to scratch the itch. She looked at my finger and sharply announced, "Well that isn't much better!"

She informed me that she had gone camping last week. I asked if it was real camping or pretend camping in a huge mobile home. With a very disgusted look on her face she replied, "Let's just say when I got back, I REEKED! I had to go from Friday to Sunday afternoon without a shower! Do you know how hard that was?"

Melissa is getting older and nearing puberty. I mention that because a minute later she also said, and I quote, "I had a tough day yesterday. I left my cell phone at the salon."

Oh the havoc that hormones wreak on our sweet children!


tracy said...

A cell phone at the salon at the age of 10, our civitlization is doomed!!

Laura said...

Yes, appalling. But as one who got emotionally inebriated yesterday buying my daughter a few barrettes, I am afraid I am breeding one of those.