Sunday, July 02, 2006

Buying Gifts for a Nephew

Buying gifts for a fifth grade boy is exciting to me. My niece's son is coming to visit, and I'm all jazzed about some of the stuff I get to buy.

In the last three days I have purchased more goodies than I have bought in years. Stuff like regular soda pop with real sugar in it. The ingredients for cookies, cakes and pies all in one thrilling grocery shopping spree that had the checkout lady asking me what was going on. Where was the low-fat this and the diet that and why aren't I buying any o' that fat-free cheese crap my wife and I always get? Then I bought something I have never bought for myself: a huge box of fireworks that almost wouldn't fit in my car. He's gonna have fun lightin' some o' those babies. There is one in the box that is bigger than a two pound coffee can, and I'm hopin' it melts the street in front of my house. After the fireworks and a couple of days of listening to adults chat for hours, the kid might get bored and we wouldn't want that to happen, so I bought a model rocket that goes 1500 feet up and it's going to get to that altitude really quick because I also bought the most humongous engine that will fit in it! It's like being a kid again, except now I have dinero, cash, moulah, bread, funds, assets, wherewithal, and plain old wampum. This is fun!

Except I am a schoolteacher and I couldn't help myself. I also bought him a lot of great books. The good thing is that every one is a little classic, and he'll find out later I can pick out great books.

This is fun!


tracy said...

I hope you all have a great time and look forward to seeing the pictures of the happy sugar high family together! The fireworks and rocket sound like the ticket for Jake.

Laura said...

I can attest that Jake has never felt so special. He melted down several times and has exhibited not-so-great behavior. But I know him, and I know that he just sort of doesn't know what to do with these confusing feelings of unconditional love from an uncle...