Monday, July 10, 2006

Just Trying to Make Him Happy

I was just trying to make my great nephew happy. Laura brings Jake to visit and I have a ten year old to entertain.

It all started on July 4th by letting Jake play with our two cats, Holly and Bonzai, my dog Wookie, and our dove Gracie. Jake really gets excited over animals, especially birds. He got pretty wound up playing with Gracie.

Then he opened a present of a stack of books and I read aloud two chapters of a great classic. After that we went on a hike up the escarpment and saw jackrabbits and a view of the city. Then we ate lunch which was, in my opinion, a really great bar-b-qued brisket meal with goosebery pie and peanut butter cookies for dessert. Then Jake opened his present of a model rocket. We assembled it, drove to a launching field, shot it up in the air with the little engines the manufacturer supplied, then I pulled out the BIG engines and we shot it out of sight but thanks to Eagle Eye Eric we didn't lose it. By then it was dusk, and we came back to the house and fired up a huge box of fireworks.

Afterwards we came back in the house and Jake said, "My stomach is sick from all this excitement."

I did good.

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