Monday, July 17, 2006

Regarding Laura

As our frequent readers can surmise, I have been carrying the biggest share of the blogging load while Laura is on vacation. I have been anxiously anticipating her return because:

1. My writing ideas are running dry as a really dry thing.
2. The pressure of doing all the writing weighs on my mind like a
really heavy weight thing.
3. The ideas for all the writing are really hard to think of because
they are like not there.

Nevertheless,I will have to continue to plug ahead. Laura is in Atlanta after having an attack of abdominal pain on her return plane flight home from San Francisco. She is in the hospital as I write, waiting for a berium milkshake to arrive at 4:30 on Tuesday morning.

I asked Laura how she was doing and she replied, "This sucks, although it could be worse. I am losing weight because the doctors will not let me eat anything except berium, I have cable TV, and I have all the pain meds I need delivered to my bed."

I will let everyone know how she is doing as soon as I know.

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