Thursday, August 17, 2006

Alan's Favorite Restaurant

I have blogged about Alan before, and you may see a theme.

It was the first day of school: Monday, August 12, 2006. I was so happy to be back in the classrooom. I love my job but I am also a blogger, and kids in the classroom provide such wonderful material. I thought to myself, "There is no way that on the first day, like magic, some kid is going to say something that will make a great blog." WRONG!

As part of an icebreaker activity, I asked the kids to pair off with a partner and interview each other. I provided a list of questions that would bring out some interesting facts about their summer vacation and their personal interests. However, if you finished before the others, you could make up your own questions. Alan didn't have a partner, so I volunteered to share an interview with him. With my help, we finished early and started asking each other impromptu questions.

"Mr. R., if you could be in China, what places would you want to visit?"

Now this an interesting question for a kid to ask his teacher. I happen to know that Alan has been to China, and having studied Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu for many years and dreamt of traveling there, I already had an answer.

"I think I'd like to see the Forbidden City."

"I've been there and seen the Forbidden City."

"You sure are fortunate, Alan. I'd love to see it. Did you see the Palace of Celestial Harmony?"

"Yes. It was big."

"Did you get to go into the Hall of Supreme Harmony?"

"Yes, I did."

"Cool! Now it's my turn to ask a question. Alan, if you could go to any restaurant in the whole wide world, where would you go?"

"Well, Mr. R., there is a restaurant in China . I don't know the name of it, but I'd choose it." Then he paused and continued to contemplate fine dining.

or maybe Hooters."

Fifth grade boys!


tracy said...

By the time Alan is interviwed in high school about what he likes to read, his answer Playboy for their interviews! I hope Alan continues to entertain you for the rest of the year, at least he is not a knuckle head.

Laura said...

Hee hee. This takes me back to when Jake was in preschool. A good looking little tyke, he loved going to Hooters and being lavished with attention from the waitresses. I, afraid he would tell everyone he loved going to Hooters, taught him that the name of the restaurant was Oranges. This worked for us until one day another mother suggested we go for lunch. "But where?" she asked. "Oranges!" yelled Jake. "Oh," she looked confused. "Where is that restaurant, I have never seen it." After explaining I realized that it sounded like Oranges was another euphamism for Hooters, rather than the color of the sign for which I had made up the name.