Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mr. Doofy's Chorus

Remember how I vowed not to run the school chorus program again? How busy it is to be a teacher and yet also throw in running a one hundred plus member elementary school chorus? Remember how I gave my notice to the principal? And it was final?

The principal called me into her office last May on the second to the last day of school and handed me a stipend voucher for $1620.00 for doing such a good job. I was happily shocked! Then the principal asked me if I would consider doing chorus again next year if another stipend could be found. I told her my answer would come if I started it up next year.

Next year is here, and of course Mr. Doofy (that's me) is organizing a chorus. We have 148 members signed up and they will soon be crammed onto 6 risers. That makes our chorus larger than the Dallas Vocal Majority, with an average age five times younger than their members, and a little over twelve times as entertaining. My new chorus director is an "alumni" of the elementary school, and an ex-chorus member and spotlighted soloist in many of the chorus shows from about six years ago. She is now a junior in high school and willing to take on such a daunting task. How many of you would like to be charge of 148 third, fourth, and fitfth graders for a little over an hour and a half for the purpose of teaching them to sing songs?

I'll blog some photos with reports on how it went after our first rehearsal on September 14.

Mr. Doofy


Laura said...

Oh, this is going to be fun to hear about!!! And we want to see those photos. Thank goodness you've signed up Mr. Doofus (we knew you would!!!)

tracy said...

And it only took $1620!!! Just think if each child in chorus paid $11/each to be a part of something wonderful for the entire school year then the school would be certain to have a chorus again next year with Mr. Doofy. When do you want me to start collecting dues from your kids, or better yet organize a bake sale to make sure you get the money to run it again next year??