Friday, October 20, 2006

The Largest Public School Chorus in the United States of America

I have blogged before about the chorus I founded. I have blogged how it is time and energy consuming and how I ought to just let it die. How I am a chump and don't get paid extra to do what some would consider a full time job.

However, I continue to do it, and here is why. Here are some very low-quality PalmPilot photos of what I believe is the largest public elementary school chorus in the United States. This photo was taken Thursday, October 19. Our membership is 156 students, and there were 143 on the risers the day of the photo.

Our accompanist, the effervescent, cheerful and low-paid Mrs. B.

Here is a photo of our chorus director, Miss L., who happens to be a former chorus member and a soloist in quIte a few of our shows before she graduated to middle school and the high school.

If you can't tell from the photos why I continue to make a pendejo out of myself by running this program, then you might not be a music lover or lostinkids. Or maybe you just have to be there. It's quite a sight.

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