Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lost In Marriage 2

My wife has been on a roll and really zinging away at me again. Here are some recent examples:

I'm lyin' on my backside in the bed watching television, all snuggly and warm and happy. My little dog Wookie is lyin' beside me and gettin' petted, and all is right with the world. I'm watchin' a sitcom and the couple starring in the show are talking about a married couple they know who are going through a divorce. It seems the woman wanted " last chance at love and romance" and was willing to give up her marriage for that youthful feeling that stirs the heart. Peggy turns to me from her ironing and says, in a very stilted voice, "Oh Walter, I don't want a divorce. I don't want to give you up. I don't want love and romance. I want.........YOU!"


The very next day, I did something stupid and worrisome. I asked Peggy a question, a question of no great importance, but she gave me a concerned look and anxiously said, "Punkin', you just asked me that question about five minutes ago. I'm worried about you and the state of your mind."

I got a little concerned too, because I didn't remember asking her, and I certainly didn't remember the answer. I thought, "I'm getting Alzheimer's or maybe Halfzeimer's, and it's startin' at a mighty early age. What's gonna become of me in the next twenty years if this is my pitiful condition at this early stage of the game?"

Realizing my impending old age was drawing near, I earnestly pleaded, "Baby, please don't leave me. Stay with me."

Peggy dropped her voice and said, "I won't. I've got too much time and energy invested in you already."


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Laura said...

You and Peggy are hilarious. But as someone who has watched your interplay firsthand, I have never seen two folks more in love...