Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Spelling Sentences

I'm old school and still teach spelling, and I also expect the fifth graders to know how to use their spelling words in sentences. I know that children will say, and with certainty, that they know how to use the word. I can say, with certainty, that many times they are unable to correctly use the word. Here are some examples of my fifth graders' sentences. I will leave them untouched , without embellishments or embroidery of any sort except to highlight the spelling word. Just verbatim sentences:

"The man had to betray his boss and not kill the cow."

"The man died when his radiation exploted."

"The president did'nt know what he was doing in the deficit."

"The fatter you get the more you are at risk of becomeing obese."

"I found my perspective in my room."

"Albert Einstein was so busy he didn't have time to comb his hair."

"Santa Clause isn't real because if he could go fast enough to go around the world in one night his body would be crushed by the sleigh and he would be turned into a quivering blob of pink goo."

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Vicky said...

Thank you for making me chuckle! I have been keeping abreast of your teaching exploits and whimsical observations while your niece (a friend of mine) HAS NOT BEEN BLOGGING.
I have earned SO much respect for you, my daughter's teacher and 5th grade teachers everywhere after today...after spending the day volunteering for the "New Year's" 5th Grade party at school (lest we call it a "holiday party.") Thanks for being one of the few willing to perform this thankless and likely only momentarily fulfilling duty.
There was so many of them in one place that I was convinced that if they had their senses about them, they really could have called, “Mutiny!” and all of us adults would have been keel-hulled.