Wednesday, January 10, 2007

At Some Point The Secret Comes Out, And Then You Just Have To Sigh And Promise To Do Better

A friend of mine was reviewing Olivia's vocabulary. "What does the tiger say, Olivia?"

"What does the cow say?"

"What does the duck say?"
"Quack, quack."

What does the mouse say?"
"Eeeek, eeeek."

"What does the bear say?"
"Oyee, oyee, oyee."
This one is a mystery to us, as well.

"What does Simon say?"
"Woof, woof."

My friend continued with all sorts of prompts, the cutest one being that Olivia identifies my new computer as "Apple." After she had exhausted all the words she knew Olivia enjoyed saying, she threw out one just for fun, knowing she would not be able to retort. "What does Mommy say, Olivia?"



Di said...

Good thing they didn't ask ME what Laura says!!! I was there for the "Video IM-ing isn't working for me" tirade!

Jack said...

I was babysitting you when you were about 5 or 6, and even way back then, you said, "Damn!"

"What did you say?" I asked, thinking I should intervene in children's cussin'.

You looked scared, like you'd been caught, and then threw me a curve. "I didn't say 'shit'" you responded.

Olivia has you pegged.