Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Application of Studies to Daily Life

Jake is preparing for FCATs. This means he is learning the same stress he will face as an adult when you get the announcement that your company is merging with a larger company and this will result in termination that means you are bankrupt within six months, not that this is an actual example anyone you know is drinking over.

He is valiantly attempting to truly comprehend abstract ideas like algebra, gravity, and excerpts from Little House books. And he has been struggling the most with science. We spent quite a bit of time discerning between the different forms of matter (solids, gases, liquids), and of the various energy types (kinetic, chemical, light, etc.).

It all came into focus for him the other day. We both went in to check on Olivia, and watch our little Tasmanian sleep without stirring. Her legs were splayed, she was grabbing her stuffed chicken with passion, and her pacifier had slipped out of her open, momentarily-resting mouth.

Jake shook his head as he watched her. "That's Potential Energy," he noted.


Walter said...

Jake now understands potential energy.

tracy said...

And you're worried about the test??