Thursday, February 01, 2007

Melissa, Shopping Afficionado

I have given up on the idea of ever teaching Melissa to play the piano. She has reached a level of proficiency that is satisfactory to her needs, and any further keyboard skills just don't fit into her plans of becoming a professional shopper.

During her piano lesson last week, I asked her if she ever did any exercise.

"Yes, I get lots of exercise. I shop."

"How can shopping be exercise?"

"Well, you have to start out treadmilling. Some people call it walking. Then you do a LOT
of weight training by picking up items and turning them over and looking at them. Speed walking is necessary if there's a sale or you're running out of time in a mall that covers a lot of area. That means you also have to carry heavy items. All of this, of course, takes a lot of stamina, determination, and practice. I'm very good at it!"

"I'll bet you are, Melissa."

For her Christmas present I bought her a MasterCard gift card with her name on it:
Mellissa, Shopping Aficionado. An appropriate gift, I think.

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