Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Indiscernible Conversation

Hannah is a girl who was born to converse. She is in my fourth grade class, and her third grade teacher warned me that she was a talker. Talkative in class? No. This girl was born to talk.

Last week, during a quiet work time in class, she came up to me and whispered so quietly that I was unable to even hear her.

"Mr. R., I was woing se whisper you widolf whisper hail moo sif ydjhd blah blah whisper whisper whisper?"

I was struck by the fact that Hannah could even consider the possibility that another human being with the limitations of homo sapiens' physiological auditory capabilities could ever hear anything that quiet. I have blogged about my hearing loss before but it's not THAT bad, so I thought, let's find out if Hannah really even heard what SHE said. Whispering as quietly as possible so that no human ear could possibly hear, I replied in total gibberish.

"Hannah, i dunt whisper whisper no nanhe blah blah gibberish nonsense blak blah blah whisper."

Hannah looks at me without batting an eye and says, "Oh! OK. I see."

And then she walks off! For Hannah, it's not the quality of conversation, it's about the quantity, and I had satisfied her need, for the time being.

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