Tuesday, October 16, 2007

School Days 2007

Olivia was one of the last to get photographed. It was a horrific twenty minute wait, as Olivia watched the children before her become more and more upset with every camera click. She sat down, nervously, and just there on the right, at her knee level, I think you can see a portion of my shirt.

After a substantial amount of flashes, the photographers asked me to please remove her from the bench; they had enough pictures already.

I had the only child who screamed as she was being taken away from the big bad picture man by her mother. As we passed the next terrified child waiting in line, she stuck out her index finger to him. "Don't be scared," she said with the authoritative voice of experience.

Add about 40 years on you and see how much you love that camera, O.


pwrich said...

She's special!

hayden said...


You take a great picture! Can't wait to see you in person.