Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chinese Fortune Cookies

This story is no great importance to the world or to its eventual outcome. But then very few are, so just read on and shut up.

Another unusual incident involving Chinese fortune cookies occurred to my wife at I at a rather blaise Chinese restaurant. The food was mediocre, but then we have had some really great Chinese food in moments of dining pleasure, and this one wasn't one of them. However, this little restaurant was able to catch our attention with two cellophane wrapped fortune cookies.

Peggy opened hers, and having a melodramatic nature, I waited, anxiously anticipating the mundane. Looking up at me, she said, "This is ridiculous!" Thinking that maybe it said, "You do not do enough for your husband," or "Give your husband a back massage every evening for the rest of your life," or "From this moment on, your husband will be right, no matter what," I grabbed her fortune cookie fortune and read these words: "Your fortune is in another cookie."

I immediately said, "Holy Toledo (sic)! That means that your fortune is in this cookie," and I handed her mine, still wrapped in the cellophane.

Peggy looked at it and said, "Nah. That's yours."

"This one is yours, Peggy. Your first fortune cookie fortune said so."

Peggy reluctantly took it, opened it up, and it said, "Don't take what's not yours."

The Chinese are far out.

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