Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shared Love of Music

My summer school students amazed me today. I was nonchalantly chatting with them during our lunch meal and one of them asked me what music I liked. When you bring up music with me, you have opened a floodgate o' love, excitement, and enthusiasm, so I said I liked it all.

I discovered that either all, some, or at least one of them knows and likes the Beatles, Vicente Fernandez, Toby Mac, AC/DC, Hank Williams Jr. (but not Sr.), Aerosmith, Reliant K, Lady Gaga, the Newsboys, Johnny Lang, BB King, Eminem, Mana, Trisha Yearwood, the Who, Elton John, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis (but they didn't know his last name), the Bee Gees, Sheryl Crow, Gloria Estefan, and Jars of Clay.

Quite a variety. However, they do not know anything about classical music. They have heard of Beethoven but couldn't tell me much about it other than it was "symphony music." Almost every artist I mentioned had someone in the class who had heard of them and were able to give me proof by mentioning some of their songs or by naming the title of a CD.

I am impressed.

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