Monday, September 13, 2010

But I Really Am Cool When You Aren't Here, Jake

I never post about Jake anymore. His high school-aged psyche deserves anonymity from my stories. Additionally, I have no time to write about him, what with checking websites to make sure he isn't tagged in any inappropriate pictures.

In my car, I have been playing a series on Winston Churchill on the Great Courses collection. Olivia enjoys listening, but to Jake it is pure torture. It just isn't Kanye, I guess, and I change to radio whenever he gets in the car.

The other day I forgot. He and his friend plopped their almost six foot bodies into the seats, and after hellos we drove off. I didn't even think about the cd until I heard his friend whisper, "Dude, what is that?" He was clearly referring to the Churchill lecture.

My son whispered back, almost with resignation, "Man, this is an effin freakmobile."

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