Friday, September 10, 2010

A Cure For Drowsiness in Math Class

I have a way of saying things with a hundred words that could be better said with four. Here is an example:

In fifth period math today one of my students was obviously very sleepy. His eyelids were drooping all down the pupils, and what faint part of the eyes were visible looked pretty far away. Dreamland was just around the corner for this student, and I was just the teacher to ruin his vacation plans.

I brought him back to the harsh reality that faced him, and then this conversation occurred.

Me: "I think that with the sizeable number of students who find themselves becoming drowsy and falling asleep in my class, I ought to set up a little cot or maybe even a little bed in the back of the room. Anyone who finds themselves getting sleepy could rent the bed from me for ten dollars per period. I figure I could make at least six thousand dollars a year renting that little bed to sleepy heads. Instead, I bet there is something better you could do if you find yourself becoming drowsy in class. Lena, tell us what you should do if you're always sleepy?"

Lena: "Bring ten dollars to class."

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