Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Doorway Presentations: Hallway Boy

There is an eighth grader down the hall from my classroom who is developing an odd habit, probably encouraged by yours truly. This eighth grader goes slowly by our classroom doorway and pulls off "odd stunts." The first time I knew he pulled these "stunts," he went by and I happened to be looking in that direction. There, for most of the class to see, was a tall, dark-haired, lanky boy going by and pretending to be running for his life, and all of it in slow motion. I thought it was hilarious. Then I made my first mistake. I told him it was funny, didn't write him a "ticket," and sent him on his way with me chuckling, and he asked what my name was, probably to tell his classmates what a sucker I was.

A few days later he did it again. He went by pretending to be swimming, and apparently a long distance, like he was cruisin' slowly and steadily across the English Channel, all of it in beautifyl slow motion. It was a splendid performance, and I told him he was pretty clever, but if I caught him again, he'd get a "ticket."

Today I heard an odd whistle (see previous blog.....):

II. Body Generated Sounds:
A. Oral Sounds
1. Musical Sounds
a) Whistling

It was one of those low, tryin'-to-get-your-attention-without-gettin-into-trouble whistles. It was the same tall, lanky boy. He was in the middle of the hallway and not doing a Doorway Presentation, and he was apologetic, again. I let him off, again.

I'm gunnin' for him now.

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