Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ghostly Voices in Room 203; Seance To Be Scheduled

In one of my earlier blogs I mentioned that I am teaching in a classroom in the old, haunted wing of a middle school. Nothing unusual happened until Thursday of last week.

I was showing the students why a square yard is not three times as large as a square foot, when right in the middle of my stunning and immensely informative visual demonstration on the board, I heard a voice whisper, "No way, Alfred."

I spun around quickly and looked to where the voice came from and barked, "Who said that?"

The students looked stunned, absolutely confounded, and no one raised their hand. I then got a stern look in my face, turned on my Darth Vader voice, and growled, "I heard someone say, 'No way, Alfred.' I heard it as clear as a bell. Who said it?"

Amazingly, everyone looked stunned, and the entire class insisted that I was imagining something. I walked straight over to Alfred, got down right at his desk and said, "Alfred, the ghost that haunts this room has spoken to me and apparently no one else is 'sensitive' enough to hear his voice. I am sure the ghost is NOT a girl as I have been told, for the voice I heard was definitely a boy's voice, and the voice was trying to tell you, 'No way, Alfred.' I think this is a warning, Alfred, from the Other Side. There is something you are thinking of doing, planning, or thinking about, or whispering about, and this ethereal spirit that dwells in this classroom is telling me that you should not do that thing. Do you understand?"

Alfred, who just fell off a turnip truck, turned to look at Carl. I went over to Carl's desk and said, "If I hear that ghostly voice again, I will conduct a seance after school, and you and Alfred will have to be there. Do you understand?"

Carl said, "I didn't say anything."

I quickly agreed. "I know, Carl. Everyone told me it was the ghost, and I believe them. You and Alfred will have to be here for the after school seance. A seance is a gathering of poeple who make an attempt to contact the dead. If it wasn't you whispering, then it was the ghost, and you'll be here for the seance. They take a long time. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," he quietly replied.

The class thought it was funny. I tried not to laugh, but it was hard. The only students who didn't enjoy that exchange were Alfred and Carl.

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