Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Teacher Story: Believe It or Not!

I must begin this blog entry with an admission of guilt: I have had many moments when I said or did something foolish or stupid and wondered why I said or did it and regretted it later. So here's a juicy story about another teacher who allegedly messed up. It could also be a slightly salty story, because surely it should be taken with at least a grain of it.

I had a conversation with two students today. I love it when kids tell stories about other teachers. Kids have a way of embellishing and distorting events in such a way as to highlight or strengthen their point. So it is, I suppose, with this conversation with two girls.

Me: " I want to know why you two cut classes?"
Girl #1: " We don't like that class."
Me: "Why?"
Girl #2: "The teacher is weird."
Me: "You need to go to that class anyway. That's no reason to cut her class."
Girl #2: "But you don't understand! She does weird things."
Me: "So what! So do I, and I don't want you cuttin' my class. Before you know it, you'll think every teacher is weird, and you won't even come to any class."
Girl#1: "She threw a cockroach at us."
Me: "Excuse me? What was that?"
Girl #1: "She found a cockroach and a lot of us were grossed out so she threw it at us."
Me; "Well, maybe she was...... she was tryin'....... she....... she was........ she didn't actually throw-"
Girl #1: "Yes she did."
Me: "Well let's say that what you say is true. You're gonna have to go to her class and dodge cockroaches. Right?"
Girl #2: "What about the cockroach on the wall?"
Me: "What?"
Girl #2: "She found another cockroach and stapled it to the wall."

Choose my next response:
a) "Huh?"
b) "Liar! Quit that!"
c) "Drop her class. Transfer out. Get out, and I'll help you."
d) "Ha haha! That's funny!"
e) "What stories do you tell everyone else about me when I'm not around to defend myself?"
f) Make up a response of your own.

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