Friday, May 20, 2011

Tomorrow I Will Be Sporting Some Obnoxious Bumper Sticker

I have been reveling in my kindergarten experience with Olivia: mainly, she doesn't despise it and every night is not spent in a horrific fight about homework. I have to admit, selfishly, that it is a great feeling.

Olivia does her homework without prompting and I consequently get to relax about what's due or upcoming tests. Case in point, this evening, as I cleaned out her backpack (because it always looks like an episode of the "Hoarders") I found an award for the spelling bee today in her class. I had forgotten that today was the big event; she had been looking over her words during the last few days.

I asked her if this award meant she had done well in the bee. Sure she shrugged, she had won.

Won? Won? Okay, you need to picture this--me, alone, in my room, having excused myself under the pretense of going to the bathroom--doing a simple dance that could let out my joy at having a child that seems to be a naturally-driven student that brings home awards!

Infantile? Certainly. Try to indulge me however; I have a lot of years of reaching into backpacks and pulling out detention slips.

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Vicky92569 said...

Yeah, let me know how parenting a naturally driven child is like as I continue to parent a 'just-does-as-much-as-is-required-to-keep-Mom-off-my-back one.'
But, way to go, O! Winning the spelling Bee - now just make sure she can spell H-A-R-V-A-R-D!