Tuesday, May 16, 2006

If You're Up, Come on Over

Mother Nature tried to alleviate a year of drought in last night's rainfall. And it is Olivia's fault, as all things are, that I now (and I fear permanently) sleep so lightly that your dog's snoring (at your house) can wake me up.

So it was that at 4:00 this morning I awoke to the gentlest of all rhythmic taps. Quieter than the rain, barely audible above the air conditioning, a tiny tap could be heard every ten seconds. That much time between taps makes tracking the noise very difficult;
I walked through the house pausing, counting the seconds, whipping around when the sound appeared to be in the direction from which I had just come.

Aha! The fireplace. I hear it! And in my glee of locating the sound, I forgo all common sense and open the flue. And you have the mental picture: water that had piled up, releasing itself only in drips, now liberated.

All I know is, I was petrified that water was going to spot Donna's new drapes. And that 4:00 in the morning is becoming really fun around my house.


tracy said...

I bet you did not think at 4am to place a hat on your head before looking up the chimney like your cartoon character did. So, how does your hair look? I guess at 4am, who cares? You, my dear, need to get some sleep!

Jack said...

Who is this pet? Say, he is wet! You never yet met a pet, I bet, as wet as they let this wet pet get.

I.e. I recognize that picture, and have seen it several hundred times, to the point where I have the page memorized. (It's my favorite page in One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.)

I'm sure that sleepless at 4 in the morning, you were looking for something major to clean up.