Wednesday, May 17, 2006

You Maybe Never Heard of Them, But AutoVantage is a Freakin' Authority

God, I hate saying I told you so. But I did, I did, I so told you!

Update 5/18

I had a great Case in Point that happened yesterday afternoon, and it is such a common occurrence that I had forgotten it, and the resulting dent/scratch is not too bad.

In line at Jake's carpool, waiting for him to stop pretending that he hadn't seen me and get his butt in the car please, the woman behind me wanted out of line badly and hit me as she was trying to go around my (completely stopped) vehicle. My car, of course, rocked, and I looked up as she was going by. I must have been sporting a surprised expression, because she mouthed out, with hands in the air, "Whaat??? I'm soooorry" before she drove off.

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Walter said...

Ouch! That's nasty. Here in my tranquil town that is called DWI or DUI. The driver is usually in a drunken stupor and doesn't even know they hit anyone. They never mouth anything. They have their chin on their chest and just keep on driving until they crash into something that stops them.