Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Some Change Stinks!

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, “Looping,” I will have the same class, the same students, in the fifth grade next year that I had in the fourth grade this year. However, one of the really great kids in our class will be moving to Ohio this summer. Her name is Aubrey. Aubrey was the best writer in the class, was in all the advanced groups that I formed, and she was in the local school district’s “Enriched (Gifted) Program.” I know that change is inevitable. I just wish that some of it wouldn’t happen. I would have enjoyed teaching Aubrey one more year. She is an intelligent, headstrong, creative, observant, popular, pretty blond girl that everyone in our class is going to miss. She responds so maturely to criticism and suggestions. Maybe that is why her grades are so excellent.

We had a going away party for her, and presented her with a goodbye card. Lucky Ohio. Dadburn it!

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Laura said...

I wonder if any of my teachers missed me...hmmmm.