Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

We hope this is a wonderful 4th of July for all our readers. If you have kids, tell them the story of the birth of our country so they'll know why there's a big celebration. If you don't have kids, find one to love and tell them the story of our country's birth.

Laura and Walter

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tracy said...

How is the gooseberry pie, fireworks and time spent together? Our 4th was great with my husband spending the eve of the 4th downloading patriotic songs and telling the kids why our nation is so great. Since most of our kids lives have been spent abroad they are very behind on America's history and what makes it great. On the 4th we participated in our local parade by decorating our scooters and bikes. We even made it back home before the downpour. Just in time to watch our adopted country of Italy make it into the World Cup finals. Then it was onto a good viewing spot for fireworks. God I love the fireworks. My daughter thought this was the coolest 4th of July ever. Could it have been the Italian win in the last 2 minutes of double OT...I'm not sure. We will make Americans out of these 2 kids yet!!