Thursday, August 24, 2006

Joe's Remark

Joe got himself a little snicker from me today and almost in big trouble if his remark had been audible to the class. I told my fifth graders that no one seemed to be having any problem with the math work, but tonight, if they needed help, they could ask their parents. Andrea raised her hand and informed me and the class that the previous night she had trouble with one of the math problems and went to her Dad, but her Dad wasn't exactly sure how to do the problem and was unable to help her.

Now I am very willing to cover for parents and that is what I did, and I am not going to express any amazement at adults who forgot how to do such a simple arithmetic calculation and yet are able to make three times my salary at half my age. So I covered for this man. "Well, Andrea, your parents haven't been in school for a long time. Some of the stuff they forgot. They have been busy making a living, working at a job, shopping, taking care of a house and a home, raising you and your brothers and sisters, being a neighbor or a friend to other adults, and doing other things."

That is when I heard Joe mutter under his breath, "Yeah, and spending time cuttin' the cheese."

I have a few ideas where that came from, but I don't see how my reflections on that statement will serve any useful purpose.

Fifth grade boys!

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