Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Lollipop Guild

Starbucks is one of little Olivia's favorite ways to start the morning. Mommy gets her maiden coffee and becomes someone that is safe and gentle, and Olivia gets admired by everyone who walks through the door. Fair genesis of the morning for under two dollars.

Today produced us no less than the usual. She was receiving praise from a woman who then asked me Olivia's age. One year on Monday, I proudly told her. Now: raised eyebrows and the inevitable, "Ohhhh, she's so little."

My sweet little Thumbelina. She is precious and petite, but is developing a set of lungs and mouth on her that belies her diminutive stature. This might be one of those times to look up and say shit, Miss O.

The woman went on, "We have several pajamas like that in our house." Because I haven't had coffee so no, Olivia isn't dressed yet.

"Yes," I nodded. "I really like the brand."

The woman agreed and then said, "The only problem I have found is that they shrink too much."

Don't burst my bubble at 7:00 please. Because you know Lady, in our house we call that shrinkage a growth spurt.


Walter said...

I've seen Olivia. She is a precious, sweet, cuddly, darling, wonderful, dear, lovable, enchanting, and captivating baby girl.

You should have told Godzzilla's mother, "Well aren't you observant." I went to a charm school where they taught me to say, "Well aren't you observant" every time I wanted to say, "Who gives a crap what you think?"

Diane said...

I know that you didn't tell me this story at Starbucks because I would have thrashed the woman. I have introduced you to my inner bitch with the whole honking carpool guy in a VW Bug story, so I know that you know I have it in me!

What if you said, "Really, well my husband (who happens to be a pediatrician to the stars...Angelina and Brad just love him) says she is the absolute optimal height and weight for her age and they are pretty sure this will make her smart, funny and popular (like her Mom)."