Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Little Getaway: Lost in Good Food

My wife and I rarely go on a real vacation, but we do go to Taos, New Mexico for little getaways. They last three or four nights, and we go three times a year if we're lucky. We recently went on one of our little getaways this last Labor Day and savored the sleeping, the dozing, the cable TV, and most of all, the exquisite cuisine. Here is a PalmPilot (low quality) digital photo of the almond crusted baked brie at the Apple Tree Restaurant. It was better than it looked.

We also enjoyed the locally grown chantrelle mushrooms over puff pastry topped with fresh asparagus at the Trading Post and the wilted spinach salad and the ravioli with a red pepper coulis at the Downtown Bistro. In fact, everything at the Downtown Bistro is superb, and the Bent Street Deli serves the best Ruebens we have ever had. For snacks I would eat Taos Cow ice cream which doesn't have the cute names that Ben and Jerry have, but the ice cream is heavier and less foamy. It's incredible, and I wish I was holding a scoop each of: Pinon Caramel, Cinnamon, and Cherry Ristra (with cherries, white and dark chocolate chunks, and nuts). Three scoops, by the way, takes two hands to hold. The stuff is heavy (figuratively and literally).

But we're home now and it's back to fat free cheese, turkey bacon, low-fat yogurt, fruit, vegetables, and salads. D!

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Laura said...

Wow, do I wish I was there! Pinon ice cream!!!

I was in Houston this weekend, and boy did I pig out as well. We need to rename blog "Lost in Diets", although that would infer I was going to stop my food consumption.

But God, man, say no to the turkey bacon!!!!!!