Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Melissa Says The Darndest Things Part lll

Melissa, my clever piano student, was on another roll yesterday during her lesson.
I am planning a program for all my piano students that will be held in September, and I am adding a very brief biography about each performer. I asked Melissa to tell me about herself, what interests she has, etc.

"Well, I like using up money. And if I had three wishes, the first one would be to own the Cottonwood Mall. And I really enjoy going to the beauty salon and having my nails done."

"Melissa, I'm not sure we want to put that in the program. Can you tell me more about yourself, about the real you?"

She batted her eyes and said, "We wouldn't want to tell anyone TOO much about me, would we?"

Then, later in the lesson she was playing "If I Had a Hammer."

"Melissa, you need to play 'If I Had a Hammer' with more enthusiasm. Let's look at the words.
'I'd hammer out danger! I'd hammer out a warnin'! I'd hammer out love between my brother and my sister! I'd hammer out justice! It's the bell of freedom!!' You have to play the song like you mean those words. When you play this song, you should be crying out for justice. You should be crying out for it because there is no justice in this world; there is only law and order."

Her face lit up and she cried out, "Yes, and it's been on for seventeen seasons!"

According to the website, she is correct. Seventeen seasons!

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Laura said...

Man, do I love that Melissa. I think I could hang with that 10 year old!!!!