Monday, October 23, 2006

Awwww, But Hearing You Say That Makes It All Worthwhile

Jake was home sick today. And the real kind of sick; the kind where you can't even study in case you go back to school tomorrow after your friend lugs all your books home from class for you. So for me, it was kind of a "day off". Sure there was nursemaiding to be done, and running after an infant--who as you found out yesterday has learned to walk and now will not sit still--in between water-fetching, and a few regular chores that couldn't be ignored. As I was cleaning the kitchen for like the eighth time (you know how it is when someone's sick), Jake looked up from the couch in the sitting room and asked me, "Mom, is this really what you do all day when I'm at school?"

The woman defenses kicked in. I wanted to explain that actually, this had been an easy day. No running anywhere, no floor scrubbing (no way with both kids at home), and no spa appointments. But why lay all that on a kid who clearly is now of the opinion that I do nothing but tinker on the internet?

"Yes," I answered.

"Whew, no wonder you go to bed so early." he said. "You have a crappy job."


tracy said...

even when he is sick he kills me!

Walter said...

Jake is definitely cool for saying that!

Di (of Di's Book Blog) said...

I love Jake...I wonder what he would think about MY crappy job. But I like how Miss I Just Did Things Around The Kitchen Because My Child Was Sick managed to dress Olivia in a coordinated outfit with hat.

Don't worry Laura...I won't tell everyone that you bring her to Starbucks in her footie pajamas. And I do believe that if YOU had footie pajamas, you just might be standing on line for your Dopio Campana wearing those!