Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Elementary Tactfulness

I have really been working on writing in my fifth grade classroom lately. Class time is allocated during each day to provide students with adequate time to generate completed rough drafts, and then parent volunteers come in three times a week to help students revise and edit their writing assignments. Lately there have been a lot of writing assignments to grade.

Because of this procedure, I grade a lot of papers I have not seen, even in the rough draft stage. One of the students wrote about me, and in a stupendous attempt to be to be tactful, made what I believe is a very clever statement. Here are her exact words:

"When Mr. R. is not getting mad at someone, he is very patient."

I have to agree. It's true.

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NYC Teacher said...

Walter: That's kinda nice. It's amazing what we notice when the kids publish their work and we havne't seen it before...