Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What Halloween Really Means To Retailers

is that mothers all over the country are doing everything they can to walk past this siren's call while their children are at school and in valiant efforts to do so will run away from the house to the mall and drop over three hundred dollars at places like Victoria's Secret.


Walter said...

I hear the siren's call and her name is Kit-Kat. I hypnotically yearn for her chocolate covered, crispy cookie sticks, casting aside all fears of shopping for even larger pants, and wantonly indulge my candylust yearning as I moan in ecstasy before I succumb to a hypoglcemic chocolate high.

Never shall I consider shopping for briefs instead.

Di said...

I have not eaten one single piece! I don't even crave it! Meds that curb your appetite as a side effect are so cool!

Walter said...

Meds? I have been unsuccesfully dieting for twenty years and there are meds? Name 'em. Fast!