Saturday, March 10, 2007


One of the hot new shows on FOX is a game show called "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" If you haven't heard of this show, click on this link.

I like the show because it shows real, fifth grade kids as well-educated, intelligent, and clever. I am a fifth grade teacher, and I know for a fact that some kids today are more intelligent than I am, and many are more mature at their age than I was.

This morning at breakfast I was pontificating about something of no great importance, and I happened to make an offhand remark of little significance which, by chance, happened to have a minor error in it. However, my dear wife, Peggy, quickly and efficiently pointed out my "mistake." Then she said, "I'm smarter than a fifth grade teacher!"

Oh boy. I'm gonna be hearing that punch line a lot.


Haley said...

My friend Casey and I LOVE that show. She's in fifth grade, coincidentally, and there are questions on that show that even we don't know. But we do, however, enjoy making fun of the contestants when they get the simplest questions wrong.

Also, I thought you might want to know that Olivia's favorite (i.e. only one she's seen) game show at the time is 1 vs. 100. She even yells "MOB!" so you might want to get caught up on that one as well =)


Anonymous said...

As usual, a great blog, Walter.

I've watched the show and have been caught in slightly incorrect answers too many times. It's humiliating, in fact. I forgot Hawaii was a state bordering the Pacific. I miss almost all the astronomy questions...I love astronomy! I didn't know what Age we are living in, and what's worse, even after hearing the answer I still don't! Oh, well. At least I get all the math questions right. So far.

And, Walter, I hate to tell you this but in my experience those "minor errors" will become more common with increasing age and diminishing I.Q.!


Laura said...

Yes you are Peggy, and are also smarter than a husband!!!! *note, my spouse rarely reads the blog so I needn't be anonymous.