Sunday, March 04, 2007


My fifth graders can ask some off-beat questions. Here are some examples:

"What is the difference between living in an apartment and a condom?"

"Mr. R., what is a ho?"
"Well, Joe, I think that is a question you should ask your Mom. Where did you hear that word?"
"I was at my Grandma's and she told my Grandpa that were was a snake in the yard so go get a hoe."

"Mr. R., who is Martian Luther King?"
"You mean Martin Luther King."
"No. It says here Martian Luther King."
"That's a misprint, a misspelling.

"Mr. R., what's an IV?"
"An IV? Well, I've heard of an IV drip. It's when a person is in the hospital and receives medication and nourishment through a tube that's hooked up to their bloodstream. Is that what you mean?"
"I think so."
"Well how did you hear the word?"
"My Mom told the waitress to start bringing her margaritas and to just keep feeding them to her in an IV."


tracy said...

On certain days as a mother of a 5th and 2nd grader I can relate to the IV woman. I wonder if they have a 2 for1 at happy hour?

Jack said...

Was there a punch line to the first question about the difference between an apartment and a condom? I'd love to hear it.