Thursday, October 25, 2007

A.K.A. Michael Myers

A fourth grade student in my class, Nicole, was talking to me at lunch about Halloween and some scary movies she enjoys. In a very excited voice, Nicole described her favorite scary movie.

"My favorite scary movie is that one where the guy wears the hockey mask, and the mask is kinda white, and he chases after this girl and he won't die, and he has this knife, and it's on Halloween, and it is so scary!"

I'm thinking that this is definitely 'Halloween,' the original thriller starring a young Jamie Lee Curtis.

"Is it 'Halloween'?" Is that the name of the movie?"

"I don't know, Mr. R. But the bad guy's name who wears the hockey mask is Michael Marion Stinkbaum."

Being of older mind and even slower thinking, I asked, "What's the guy's name again?"

"Michael Marion Stinkbaum."

Then Nathan, who was sitting with us interjects, "No it's not. It's Michael Myers!"
Nicole looks at Nathan confusedly and says, "I thought his name was Michael Marion Stinkbaum."
I had to guess at the spelling of the pseudonym Nicole has given Michael Myers. Michael Marion Stinkbaum is his alias, I suppose.

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