Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mystery Breakfast Food

My fourth graders were having a discussion of what constitutes a healthy breakfast. This discussion was brought on by an onslaught of weakness and anemia just before lunch time. I thought a group discussion would be of some instruction to my students who think two bites of a Pop Tart is a nutritious meal. We went over all the different foods that would be bad to eat, including junk, sugary breakfast cereals, then we discussed more positive choices.

At the end of the discussion I asked if there were any questions. Mark raised his hand.

"Yes, you have a question, Mark?"

"Yeah. I was wonderin'.....what exactly is 'shreaded meat?' "

"I think you misunderstood, Mark. The class was taking about Shreaded Wheat."

"Oh. What's Shreaded Wheat?"

"It's a breakfast cereal. It's a healthy breakfast cereal made from whole grain wheat. You've never heard of Shreaded Wheat?"

"No. I eat Count Chocula!

Mmmm. Chocolate for breakfast. Lucky Mark.

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