Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ohhhh, They Are REMOVABLE!

Olivia and I went to visit a family friend the other day, and my friend's mother was in town from Orlando. Olivia calls her Granny, and is always happy to know she is here. It means fun and love is hers for the taking, and more importantly it signifies that she will not have to be babysat by her torturous fourteen-year-old brother while I go to school.

We pulled in to the driveway and Olivia squealed. "There's Granny's car, Mom!" She lowered her voice to a calm, measured tone. As she pointed to the windshield and the ubiquitous car-cooling silver shades South Florida drivers use she said, "But don't worry; she takes those out when she drives."

Thanks, Olivia, for looking out for my frayed nerves.

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Walter said...

Is Laura back? Is this a solitary, fluke blog?

It is good to hear Olivia's voice again, spoken through her Mom's blogs.