Sunday, June 27, 2010


I used to think my life was rather tedious and boring, and to some people I'm sure it is. However, a lot goes on even in a seemingly dull life when under the scrutinous eye of reflection.

For example, I recently realized I can check off a goal I achieved on my "List of Goals to Accomplish in This Life." When I was younger, I dreamed of being able to beat up Muhammed Ali in a fight. I can do that now. I can tear him a new one, spank his bottom, teach him a lesson, and control the ring. That has been achieved by many years of martial arts training on my part combined with a serious case of Parkinsons on Ali's part, mostly induced by numerous, severe shots to the head by "Smokin' Joe" Frazier and quite frankly, many others.

I never aimed to be able to hit a Warren Spahn curveball because I didn't think that was ever possible. It was only a dream. It wasn't even on my list. But Surprise! Surprise! I can do it now, and so can you if you can swing a bat. The problem will be for ol' Warren to walk out to the mound and then make it up to the top.

Besides now being able to beat up Muhammed Ali and hit a Warren Spahn curveball, a lot has happened in my life, and I guess it's necessary for me to spill it all out on the electroblogosphere. No one's life is dull now, is it? If you think yours is, just repeat after me "...........I can now defeat Ali in the ring and get a piece of a Warren Spahn curveball."

I have a lot to tell you about what has been going on in my lostinkids life.

The sabbatical ends.

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