Sunday, June 27, 2010

You Can Pretend You Don't Know What Show I Am Talking About

I have one more day before the second round of summer school begins for me. And as anyone who has returned to college with two children and a business career under their belt can attest, the exhaustion plays out in various forms that are somewhat embarrassing. Fast food bags in the trash, pajama tops becoming a shirt that day for Olivia (I didn't notice until mid-afternoon), and some bouts with Nanny Television while I study for a final.

Olivia is out with her dad today, and I sank down on the couch into nothingness. I have nothing to study for, no paper to write, and the looming house chores can wait a moment. And much like Albert Finney after his L.O.O.K.E.R. gun wears off, I realized that during the past hour time had eluded me while I sat their frozen. Worse yet, I had turned on the television and "watched" a horrible pre-teen show that was playing on a children's channel. I chided myself for not having changed the channel from such drive. I was alone and in control of the programming, for Pete's sake.

Can one really ever be too tired to turn the channel off of Zach and Cody, "The Suite Life on Deck"?

It goes from bad to worse. After I grabbed the remote, disgusted with myself, I settled on this. I think all this education has fried my brain. Hey, even a future teacher can blame the system.

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