Monday, October 18, 2010


I can tolerate sleepy students, but my first period seventh grade math class is taking drowsiness to irritatingly unauthorized levels. The entire class is comprised of students who are so sleep deprived they act like brain dead zombie flatliners, and by the end of class I am shooing buzzards away from their carcasses with a meter stick. All of them sit frozen in a dormant state of slumberous sedation, and most of the time they are too lazy to even yawn.

This morning the thought entered my mind that they may have been tranquilized with opiates. At one point one of the boys slid down in his desk with his feet stuck straight out in front of him, and a cadaver sliding out of its casket came to mind.

I was able to get their attention by firing a few shots over their heads, but it wasn't long before they returned to their lethargic stupor.

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